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1 the sound of a step of someone walking; "he heard footsteps on the porch" [syn: footfall, step]
2 the act of taking a step in walking
3 the distance covered by a step; "he stepped off ten paces from the old tree and began to dig" [syn: pace, step, stride]

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From foot + step.


  1. The mark or impression left by a foot; a track.
    The child watched as his footsteps in the sand were washed away by the waves.
  2. By extension, the indications or waypoints of a course or direction taken.
    To walk the footsteps of greatness requires that you start at the bottom of a long stair.
  3. The sound made by walking, running, etc.
    The footsteps of the students echoed in the empty hall.
  4. A step, as in a stair.
    The garden path had a small footstep down to the main walkway.
  5. The distance between one foot and the next when walking; a pace.
    Mere footsteps away from the victim lay the murder weapon.
  6. The act of taking a step.
    Take one more footstep towards me, and I'll make you sorry!
  7. An inclined plane under a hand printing press.



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Footstep or Footsteps may refer to:
Literature and film
  • Footstep 11, a 2007 youth conference at Moneague College hosted by Global Footsteps

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